Wednesday, April 18, 2007

3, 2, 1 ... Ignite ...

As soon as I arrived at the hotel in San Francisco, I was out of the door heading to a Werewolf game. It was a great evening organised by Artur Bergman.

I accused Brady Forrest of being the Werewolf! He said I was only accusing him because he'd turned down my talk for Ignite - I laughed and still said he was the Werewolf (I can't remember if I was right or wrong in the end?).

The following day, about four hours before Ignite, Brady and Jessie sent me an email and asked me to do a talk. I didn't have time to write a new talk to fit in the with standard process, which is 20 slides in 5 minutes automatically switching. So we agreed I could control the pace of the talk if I did 70 slides in 5 minutes!

So I was on for Ignite. 70 slides in 5 minutes, jet lagged, hungry and four hours to go! Arghhhh. I was still writing it whilst the other speakers were presenting.

It was a mix of my talk from FOWA and E-Tech

Well I did it ... a ducks, kittens with guns, commoditisation, utility computing, yak shaving and fabbing etc .. and it wasn't too bad, at least I didn't go down in flames - which could have happened oh, so easily.

Thanks to Brady and Jessie for letting me do this, crazy, but fun...