Thursday, March 12, 2015

Wardley Map - a set of useful posts.

Ok, for those who want to learn how to map, I've provided a few links to what I consider useful posts.

A quick video (speaking is my preferred medium)

Another quick video

A longer and more detailed version.

Various Posts.

NB Some use the older terms Chaotic & Linear which I changed to Uncharted & Industrialised (more apt). I've put this list here (there's about 950+ posts on this blog). I'll try and add more, tidy things up and you never know ... persuade someone else to turn it into something readable.

An introduction to Wardley Maps
A step guide to mapping
On creating a value chain
Getting stuff done.
A guide to mapping.
What's in a Wardley map and the need for a cheat sheet.
From strategy to mapping to pioneers (slides)
The good bits about mapping
The amazing bits of mapping
The wow of mapping
On terms that I use
On Doctrine and Gameplay
From purpose to leadership and back again.
A useful summary post
The get fit plan

Concepts & History
Properties of evolution
On diffusion and evolution
Componentisation II
There are many chasms to cross
The Two Extremes
Oh, no Six Sigma vs Agile
Agile vs Lean vs Six Sigma
Early failures
When to use a curve
On services
How commodity is something.

Operations & Practice
On user needs and listening to customers.
Basics of operation
Let the Towers Burn
Government, Purchasing
Duplication and bias
Maps are imperfect but that's ok.
Rough guide - use cloud, build cloud and microservices.
On maps, components and markets
This is not the data you are looking for.
Cloud is outsourcing but it's not outsourcing.
Why no consultants.
Finding easy competitors to take out.

Of Perils and Alignment.
Company Age
On Ecosystems and Porter.
On platforms and ecosystems
Punctuated Equilibriums
On the two forms of disruption
What's right and wrong with Christensen.
On evolution, disruption and the pace of change.
Does maturity matter
Ten graphs on organisational warfare.

Open Plays
Open source, gameplay and cloud
Open source as a weapon.
Scenario planning
Strategy vs Action
On disruption and executive failure.
Epic Fails of Sensible CEOs
Tower and Moat.
On Chess and Business
Preparing for War
Dungeons and Dragons vs The art of Business.
On D&D and Ant Battles.
Four basic smackdowns on competition
Does commoditisation lead to centralisation.
Fast Follower Conundrum.
Attack, defend and the Dark Arts.
Self disruption and super linear.
On the death of great companies.
The interesting thing about cutting costs.
Jevons in a nutshell

Other tools
Business Model Canvas ... the end of a long journey
Maps and the Target Operating Model.
Why flow isn't enough
Efficiency vs Effectivness - repeated.
Other Tools I use with Mapping
When to use a BMC or a SWOT

Open source cloud, start playing the long game.
What to do about Amazon and gaming
Looking at Lumberyard a bit more.
Amazon and the last man standing

General Stuff
Project, Products, Open source and Proprietary.
Context, situation and components.
Is war the mother of invention?
The abuse of innovation
Half completed book

There's also the team at WardleyMaps (I'm not affiliated with) who are trying to turn my long and sometimes rambling concepts into something readable. That book be found here -

For reference, all my writings are creative commons 3.0 share alike licensed, as is the entire mapping concept, maps and evolution diagrams.