Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Why proprietary software is mathematically more evil than open source

As we all know, proprietary software costs time (t) and money (m). Hence,

Proprietary Software = m.t

However, we also know that time is money. Hence,

Proprietary Software = m^2

However money is the root of all evil. Hence,

m = (Evil)^1/2

By substitution we can show that,

Proprietary Software=((Evil)^1/2)^2 = Evil

Ok, so proprietary software is evil but is this more evil than open source? Since open source only costs time, it is therefore obvious that:-

Evilness of Proprietary Software = (Evilness of open source)^2

As a function of cost, then :-

Evilness of Proprietary Software per $= (Evilness of open source)^2/0


Evilness of Proprietary Software per $= (Evilness of open source).infinity

If we hypothesise that open source isn't evil then :-

Evilness of Proprietary Software per $=0.infinity = 1

In other words, proprietary software is infinitely more evil than open source and even if open source isn't evil then proprietary software still absolutely is.

Next posts include ... Mathematical proof of why patent lawyers suck your soul dry and why clothing concepts in a cloak of mathematics doesn't make them right.


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