Saturday, September 10, 2011

Next phase of research ...

Many years ago, I produced the ubiquity vs certainty curve to describe the process of how business activities evolve. It took 4,084 data points to create the curve and more details about this topic can be found here.

Currently, I'm researching into how organisations evolve. After conducting a number of general and then specific interviews (creating a thousand data points), I've been able to create models of evolution which hopefully I'll be using in future presentations.

However, I need to collect more data to test the models and either verify or falsify them and hence I've put a general survey online : [Link to Survey]

The presentations that I give at various conferences are based upon this process of hypothesis and testing, so if you have ever found my work useful (such as my various talks at OSCON on cloud computing, see below) then I would be very grateful if you could take 10-20 mins to complete it.

Depending upon the results and validity of the models, I'm aiming to give a number of talks next year on how organisations evolve combined with techniques to exploit this. Naturally, I'll be blogging about the findings as well and the survey does allow you to provide an email in case you'd like a copy of the overall results.

[Link to Survey]


Simon Wardley

OSCON 2010: "Situation Normal, Everything Must Change"


Aharef said...

I greatly enjoyed your Talks, even though I'm not into clod computing (at least not more than anyone in advertising innovation / every other geek).

Snemc provided inspiration for quite a few slides I use to convince a) externally: clients, that they are now leaving the stage of playing around with Social Media with our custom made products and b) internally: we enter a phase of creating more adult services to be derived from our early and customized products.

Long live kitten internet!

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