Monday, December 07, 2009

Old yet new ...

I'm just comparing two of my talks, both on cloud computing and if anyone has time, I'd like some feedback.

The first is my recent talk from OSCON in 2009 covering "What is cloud computing and why IT matters", the second is my talk from OSCON in 2007 covering "Commoditisation of IT"

They both cover the same topic matter but with a different viewpoint (N.B. terms have changed since the 2007 talk but I'd like some feedback on style & content.)

Both are 15 minutes long but which was better and more importantly, why?

OSCON 2009: What is cloud computing and why IT matters

OSCON 2007: Commoditisation of IT


Ian said...

I found them hard to compare as both had very relevant things to say. Both good presentations. The '09 OSCON presentation is better, mostly because it felt that the pace was a little better. The '07 presentation feel like it dragged in sections by comparison.

Unknown said...

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