Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Mystic Me 2.0

Last year I made some cowardly custard predictions for 2008 and I was pretty much spot on with all ten. How did I do it? Well they were already occurring trends.

So this year, I thought I'd try much luck with ten more cowardly custard predictions.

These are:-

  • Economists at the end of the year will be predicting that the U.K. recession in 2010 will be more severe than previously predicted.
  • House prices will continue to fall.
  • "Cloud" computing and Open Source Technologies will continue to become major growth areas for IT.
  • The FTSE 100 will drop below 3,500.
  • Bored with SOA, ROA, WOA, SaaS, HaaS, IaaS and so on? This year new acronyms will be created to describe the convergence of "cloud" computing and service oriented architecture (as if they weren't already part of the same phenomenon). Expect lots of arguments and people getting rather antsy.
  • With the adoption of 3G network enabled devices, mobile security and malicious mobile applications will become a serious security concern.
  • Camping holidays and knitting will enjoy a resurgence.
  • Yahoo will be sold for less than $15bn.
  • The use of printed organic semiconducting materials, printed nano-particle solutions, printed OLEDs and the field of printed electronics in general will receive a boost as the first commercial printed OLED displays are released.
  • Lots of people will grumble that the new Dr Who isn't as good as "David Tennant".