Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Eyes down for a full house ...

Well, I'm sure all the looney tunes are out there making predictions for what the LHC will find, just to annoy all those sensible people from the scientific community.

So I thought I'd get in on the act by making some completely pointless random guesses based upon absolutely nothing at all. Zero, zilch, nada ...

So here are my long shots:-

  • ATLAS will discover that microscopic black holes are produced which will immediately decay by Bekenstein-Hawking radiation.
  • The Higgs boson won't be found bringing into question the whole standard model.
  • ATLAS will discover a new high energy particle that rapidly disappears out of "existence", leaving no artifacts.
  • The LHCb will discover CP violation with anti-beauty quarks decay.
  • Circumstantial evidence will be discovered for space-time having variable mass.

So why bother making nonsense predictions? Well, I'm hoping that others might take up the baton and improve them. In short, let's get the guessing game going just in case someone in the crowd already has the answers.

The worst that can happen, is it should help reinforce the view that knowing a bit of code doesn't gift a person with the ability to predict the inner workings of the universe.


bob said...

One of my friends at CERN has actually been saying the most interesting result is the non finding of higg's bosun. it give thoerists and experimentalists somethign else to look for.

finding it bascially means the standard model is right and theres not much point in doing more research.

JTankers said...

Looney tunes?

Who is looney, those seeking confirmation or rebuttal of dubious safety arguments and credible counter arguments or those who argue "no guts no glory"?

Looney is risking Earth on dubious theories from physicists pushing multi-verses, reverse time travel, Hawking Radiation and other pseudo science. Physicists who have not studied the opposition refutation of CERN's safety arguments are sharing 'visually impaired' group faith.

CERN's safety arguments don't add up. Dr. Otto E. Rossler's theories and concerns do add up. Nuclear physicist Walter L. Wagner's theories and concerns do add up. Who pointed out the safety flaws to CERN in the first place, prompting the new safety review, the same person now suing CERN...

What is needed is exactly what Dr. Rossler is calling for, an emergency safety convention.

swardley said...

Hi Bob,

Well certainly some theorists will face an interesting dilemma if the standard model is proved to be correct, however there will be a wealth of other phenomena to be investigated.

swardley said...

"What if the hadrons can feel pain?" is what I'd tend to classify as the more looney tune discussion.