Tuesday, August 26, 2008

By the pricking of my thumbs ...

... something silent this way comes.

I'm guessing that the creators of the silent electric sports car capable of 125mph are expecting us all to develop a supernatural sixth sense in order to avoid being knocked down.

Silent cars ... supernatural powers ... fiendishly evil, if you ask me. I'd suggest ducking the inventors and if they float .. well, burn 'em, they're witches!


Phoebe Bright said...

I see a huge opportunity here for the ringtones market to move on to cars. "Hark, is that Ride of the Valkyries? It must be Phoebe pulling up in my drive".

(I have horses, hence Ride of the Valkyries :-)

swardley said...

Hi Phoebe,

Well horse-maiden, if the choice is you trumpeting your entrance with an annoying ringtone or turning up to collect fallen souls, I'm all in favour of the former.

Of course my high powered ultra silent car will go "quack".