Thursday, November 29, 2007

What's in your web 3.0?

What's in web 3.0? or web 4.0? or web Any ideas? No?

Go on, have a go and play the "What's in your web x.0 game"

Normally historical classifications are given post event, however in the brave new web world let's define classifications pre-event and decide what the future will be called before it is even here.

It's a sort of history 2.0, or is that history 3.0 or .....

Just ranting at some of the pointless debates on minutiae which occur in the blogosphere.


Anonymous said...

ooo, somebody obviously got your goat ...

I was about to post a serious response and then realised I'd probably get flamed to have now stomped off in a huff


swardley said...

Hi Mike - good to hear from you.

Yep ... I've been buried away researching for an article ... so I thought I'd take a break and surf for a while ...

Result ... I walk straight into term wars and some mind numbing debates of the "Fish vs Chips" kind.

Then I was asked by a friend what is "web 3.0". The goat was not only well and truly gotten, it was entering orbit.

"web 2.0" (originally infoware) I can understand as a pointer for change. Web 3.0 as a classification of the future based upon future technology which has not even been adopted .... hmmmm.

I more than understand the benefits of hypothesis for the future, but this seems less about possible futures and more like grand statements that the future IS .... blah blah.

I'm of course more than willing to be shown the error of my ways.

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