Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Web 2.0 Expo Berlin

I've uploaded a video of my Web 2.0 Expo Berlin talk below. Unfortunately there was no audio available, so I've had to record myself speaking in the hotel - doesn't seem quite the same without an audience.

I had a small but really pleasant crowd turn up - not surprising since I was up against some superstars from Google.

There is a lot of buzz about open social, I should check it out myself in more detail. I do hope it is as really open as it sounds.


Anonymous said...

This one of the greatest presentation I've ever seen. Thanks a lot for your work, this is GREAT material !

I just have 2 questions :

I would love to know more about your point of view on patent. Do you have other materials on that subject ?

When are you coming to Paris ? I'd love to see you live. :-)

swardley said...

Hi Francois,

Thank you very much for your kind words. I've been giving these presentations for many years, and such words are important to me.

The topics I discuss, I've covered in one form or another for the last decade - though obviously the ideas have improved with time.

Regarding your two questions. I have long argued that the issue with software patents (or in fact any patent) stems from the balancing of the length of time that a monopoly is given vs the likely time of independent discovery in society and that alternative mechanisms already exist for encouraging innovation. I have a number of slides on this - I'll dig them out.

When am I coming to Paris? Well, I inquired about Le Web 3 but unfortunately they were fully booked with speakers.

Is there a conference you would recommend in Paris?

Anonymous said...

Patent is a key issue I started to better understand after a very insightful read: "Du bon Usage de la piraterie" (
I wish they were a English translation of this book, I'm sure you'd like it as well.

Conference in Paris, let me think... "Le Web 3" is one, there are others, but they may be too "specialized" or too "french"

"Salon Solution Linux" is one I like a lot, though.

Anonymous said...

How great it is !
Thanks so much for your vision & pedagogy !
I have retrieve in it many of the topics i am working on:
propagation, innovation, "memes", acceleration....

Looking forward to seeing your next work !

Marc Tirel

Hoverfalt said...

One again, great presentation!! I was lucky enough to be in the audience at the Expo. I obviously works even better with the crowd, but the video version is very good too.

I would love to hear more on the extension of the stack into the distribution and community layers briefly mentioned in the presentation. Anything on that coming up?

I'm also waiting for that report you mentioned to be published.

swardley said...

Hi Olle,

Thank you for the kind comments - much appreciated.

My article won't be published until December, in the meantime I'm working on another article regarding organisation and innovation.

As for the higher levels of the stack, I'll come to that at later stage - however the stack is about types of activity as opposed to methods of organisation (such as community based or beauracracy etc)