Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The insane zero stuff.

It's a personal view on how to build everything with nothing. Start with Zero. This is then mutated to "equivalent" values.

The idea behind this comes from when I was about 15. I had this nagging idea that space, energy and matter are simply different interpretations of the same thing and time is merely linked to the variations in that interpretation - I warned you about the madness bit didn't I?

I developed a system for this, which occassionaly I refine. In this system nothing is not quite how it seems, zero is not the same as nothing and empty space is teaming with activity.

This isn't a theory of how things really are - it's more a quirky exploration of something I find interesting and it keeps me amused when I'm not working on real problems.

Makes sense? Confused? I warned you it was madness. Still, you'd be surprised what you can make out of nothing and random statistical probability.