Friday, July 31, 2009

So little time ...

Alas, I've not been blogging recently due to a hectic travel, work and personal schedule. However, for those of you who enjoy my talks, here's the video of my OSCON keynote.


Unknown said...

Loved it -

I am not a Comp Scientist - how do we explain the emergence of the Cloud?
Modal Shift - software, layers, broadband
Economic - IT being a cost of doing business.
My question: what are the ramifications for Privacy?

Stuart Fox said...

Ah the joys of new fatherhood! Soon to join you in 5 weeks time. Never thought I'd see the day

swardley said...

Stuart! Congratulations. Fantastic to hear from you and hope all is well.

Fatherhood is both a blessing and a blessing (mixed in with total exhaustion, uncertainty, chaos, doubt, anxiety, more uncertainty and more exhaustion).

Nothing quite prepares you for the shock. The cause of most of the anxiety is the belief that somehow you're getting it wrong (particularly when you read about others perfect experiences online).

The reality is that those perfect experiences are often selective memory and the truth is that it's tough, you will have those "what have I done?" moments but in the end, a simple smile will make it worth it.

My only advice is for your partner not to struggle too much with the breast feeding fascists. The benefits of "breast feeding" are delivered in the first few days or so, after that the research shows that any benefit is highly dubious compared to a a reasonable bottled milk. If breast feeding works, then fine but a happier mother is more important than a depressed neurotic mum trying vainly to breast feed.

Anyway, congratulations.

swardley said...

Hi Coda,

Thank you for your kind words, much appreciated.

Sure, privacy is an issue but from a security point of view do you really know what's encoded in the BIOS of your machine or what's listening on the network of your ISP? These things will be partially solved through trust mechanisms and encryption technologies but your data is never truly private, just reasonably so.

There are however legal issues with cross border transfer of data but these problems exist in the current world. They are just highlighted more because of the ease of transportation of infrastructure in a world where infrastructure == code.

Whilst there are some genuine security concerns, many are FUD or will be rapidly solved. The real problems in the cloud are the lack of second sourcing options, transparency in relationships and the probability of systemic failures.

Unknown said...

Thank you - "old wine - new bottles" come to mind. Lots to learn.
I would like to use UBUNTU as a case study: where do we see Open Source heading in Cloud Computing genre. Like the Internet? Informational Capitalism v Informational Ecosystem?

swardley said...

Hi Coda,

Well either we'll get functional marketplace based upon open source reference model or we will end up with government regulation.

As for informational capitalism vs information ecosystem, a free functioning marketplace is an ecosystem. What I'd argue you should be looking at is informational monopolism vs informational marketplace or in other words imperfect vs perfect competition.