Saturday, January 30, 2016

Managing a complex world

Going through some old talks, I dug up this video - I've now put it on Google - covering how to manage a complex world. It's from May 2008 and though I didn't go through mapping (back then I didn't realise that others might find mapping useful because I assumed everyone must do something like that) but it does cover innovation, evolution and how future organisational strain will be caused by rapid change. 

Alas, the best solution to this that I know of (as mentioned in the video) is a three party system e.g. Pioneer, Settler and Town Planners (or what I used to call Pioneer, Coloniser & Town Planner back in 2008). Eight years later and all the rage seem to be bimodal. Oh dear. There are many problems with such dual system approaches. You'll find out why you shouldn't soon enough.

It's amusing to note how many of the same problems still face companies today. These really shouldn't. Business thinking seems to progress very slowly ... except in China. However, that's another story for another day.

Sill, the presentation is not bad.