Saturday, May 09, 2015

I am Old Labour

I am Old Labour.

I am a social capitalist.

I view that social cohesion, competition and the common interest are of paramount and intertwined importance.

I view that our purpose should be a better and fairer society for all. To create political freedom, I reject the notions of economic and social subservience. I hold to a view of common interest above self interest. I do not view the market as a source of 'good' or our goal but a tool to be used and exploited to achieve our purpose. For me, the market is a mechanism to achieve common interests and encourage competition. It is simply an economic tool.

For me, competition is a necessity to progress, to evolve, to adapt and to better our national standing.

For me, social cohesion requires compassion, mobility, opportunity, autonomy and purpose for all. Without social cohesion our future competitive interests are undermined.

I do not care if "the cat is white or black, as long as it catches mice". I reject the ideological for the practical. I would use all tools available to further our common & national interests.

I reject the extremes of Marx and Friedman. The myths of 'trickle down', of small Government, of laissez faire, of centrally planned, of privatisation of infrastructural services to monopolies and nationalisation of that best served by a market.

I hold to the centre ground where market and government are both of importance for competition. I hold to that centre of Adam Smith, Hayek and Keynes.

I take the position that we should exploit fiscal, monetary and industrial policy to our common benefit. We should not fear to change the market to achieve our purpose.

I view that Government waste (of which there is much) should be reduced but Government itself should not be. For every £1 saved through efficiency, I would have £1 invested through Government towards our future including measures of direct investment, R&D and reduction of past debt.

I view that we are capable of dealing with complexity of competition and that our civil service has only be hampered by past management dogma of one size fits all solutions - outsource everything, agile everywhere and the market knows best.

I reject the extremes of social ideology within the Conservatives but agree with many of their fiscal policies. For me, they don't go far enough.

I reject the extremes of financial imprudence within New Labour but agree with many of their social policies. For me, they don't go far enough.

I am more Red than Red, more Blue than Blue.

My party passed into history in May 1994. One day, it might return. Until such time, I have no-one to vote for.

I am a social capitalist.

I am Old Labour.