Saturday, January 12, 2013

A Pause ...

Ok, I've already done nine posts on this long journey into strategy and mapping (in total, it'll be somewhere towards 200 posts, the journey has already been mapped) and so there's an awful lot more to come.

Some of the posts I've gone back and improved the writing on, I'll publish all of this at a latter stage. However, for the time being, what goes up will stay there for the near future.

Anyway, any feedback on this so far is welcome. Is it useful? Is it making you think? Is it too damn confusing?

Oh, and apologies for the place holders to all those picking up from RSS ... dumb move on my part.


---- Journey so far.

Post 1 : The start of my journey

Post 2 : The importance of maps and why we need them in business.

Post 3 : There's too much confusion. My quest for maps in business begins in earnest.

Post 4 : Evolution, the missing link in my discovery of a means of mapping business

Post 5 : A first map. To the creation of a rudimentary map of value chains vs evolution.

Post 6 : The journey from chaotic to linear and how the characteristics of activities change as they evolve.

Post 7 : Why one size never fits all, included survey data on the use of mixed methods - from agile to six sigma.

Post 8 : The perils of outsourcing and business alignment.

Post 9 : Evolution of Practice, Activites and Data. From Cynefin to Inertia