Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Fancy that ....

When I was young (about fifteen), I started working on this somewhat lunatic idea that an entire model of the universe that we exist within can be derived from the number zero. I carried on this work whilst I was at Cambridge and subsequently afterwards.

The origins of my delusion (which still occupies my time occasionally today) derives from my natural mathematical bent, a youthful interest in Tao and a disturbing belief that " space, energy and matter are simply different interpretations of the same thing and time is merely linked to the variations in that interpretation" - don't ask.

I came up with a number of different conclusions from my "model" for example "empty space is teaming with activity", "Everything is nothing" and forget about finding any absolute truths unless you want everything to be imaginary.

Anyway it's a silly hobby but I enjoy it.

The thing about ideas, even silly ones, is that if you have enough then eventually some of then turn out "right" by pure chance. So I was amazed when I read the articles by Lawrence Kraus recently that the "dominant energy-stuff in our universe ... is associated with empty space!"

Who'd have believed it? Well I would for starters.