Friday, July 27, 2007

And now for something completely different

Well, after almost seven years at Fotango - I have decided it is time to look for a new challenge. I've had a wonderful time at Fotango, the team has been outstanding and a real pleasure to work for.

I'm intending to finish my employment in October, which will give enough time to manage a handover.

After that? Well I've a few ideas .... I'll see what happens.

My one regret, is that we didn't get to open source Zimki and instead we have had this period of uncertainty over the month or so. I'm still hopeful that Zimki will be open sourced, it is in my view the right thing to do and there is a huge potential for new business.

This is my first OSCON, and overall it has been excellent ... interesting talks and a good chance to meet up with friends again.

Despite my usual nerves, the keynote went quite well ... I can now afford to take some time to relax.