Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Don't push or pull me .. I want to draw

This is something which I don't have time to create at the moment, however if it already exists please tell me and if you want to build it (especially in Zimki) then I'll help.

What I want is a reputation based service where I can upload all my information about myself, my products, my preferences, my wants and then "draw" companies to me.

If I want to buy a car, then I can say so. I can say that these are my previous purchases, this is what I can afford and these are my likes & dislikes. I initiate the conversation and then car companies can talk to me on that basis.

If I want to provide my information for marketing purposes then I can say so, and companies can offer to buy this from me. I should be able to see the reputation of the company as voted for by my social and extended network. I should be able to say "this looks like a reasonable company and they are offering a reasonable amount for my product purchasing history and profile - ok".

If I want to be involved in market research then I should be able to say so and companies bid for my attention.

If I want something different - like WIFI binoculars - I should be able to say so, tag it with information and if there are enough of us then companies can decide whether to build it.

Most of all - I want to control my information, my "digital footprint" and to decide whom I provide that information to. I want to be paid for my attention, to minimuse disruptive noise and I want the market to work for me.

I want to initiate the conversation, not be pulled or pushed - I want to draw.

Just thoughts ...